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Tis the Season to Write a Book I 24 Success Tips to Write, Self-Publish & Make Money With Your Book

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Welcome to a new blog series as we countdown our way to Christmas. What better way to spread good cheer this holiday season than to help you write a book. If you have a dream of becoming a published author, and if you want to make an impact and income from your book, then this blog series is for you. Join me for Tis the Season to Write a Book 24 Days of Success Tips to Write, Self-Publish, and Make Money with your Book in 2022. Also, as a woman of faith, I want to thank God for he is the reason for the season and the one who gave me this gift of writing. Today kicks off Day 1 of 24 where I give you an overview of the 24 topics I will cover until Christmas, let's dive right in.

Tip #1 Tell the reader what to expect

Tip #2 Teach how to do something you already know

Tip #3 Get all your ideas down then focus on one

Tip #4 Start with your vision and your "why"

Tip #5 Create a simple outline for your book

Tip #6 Don't guess, have a step-by-step plan

Tip #7 Beat the overwhelm with this #1 trick

Tip #8 Get unstuck and write use these 5 tips

Tip #9 Stay motivated and complete your book use these 5 tips

Tip #10 Edit your book, these 4 tips will help

Tip #11 Use Microsoft Editor to edit your book

Tip #12 Use these 15 Writing tips to get your book done

Tip #13 If you're crunched for time use these 5 writing tips

Tip #14 How to improve your writing skills 3 tips

Tip #15 Top 3 things to do to become a better writer

Tip #16 Self-publishing the easy way

Tip #17 Sell more books as a self-published author the power of 10

Tip #18 Promote your new book here are 15 ideas

Tip #19 Increase your book sales in 30 days

Tip #20 How to Make consistent income as an author

Tip #21 Make your first 1k as a newbie author

Tip #22 Sell your first 100 book copies fast

Tip #23 Why you need an Amazon Authors page

Tip #24 You need these 7 Must-haves to succeed as a self-published author in 2022

Tomorrow Day 2, I will teach you something I know well "How to Write a Book" so stay tuned. Which one of the above tips are you looking forward to learning more about? If you enjoyed reading make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to this site so that you never miss a post during this series.

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