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Tis the Season to Write a Book I 24 Success Tips to Write, Self-Publish & Make Money With Your Book

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Welcome to a new blog series as we countdown our way to Christmas. What better way to spread good cheer this holiday season than to help you write a book. If you have a dream of becoming a published author, and if you want to make an impact and income from your book, then this blog series is for you. Join me for Tis the Season to Write a Book 24 Days of Success Tips to Write, Self-Publish, and Make Money with your Book in 2022. Also, as a woman of faith, I want to thank God for he is the reason for the season and the one who gave me this gift of writing. Today kicks off Day 1 of 24 where I give you an overview of the 24 topics I will cover until Christmas, let's dive right in.

Tip #1 Tell the reader what to expect

Tip #2 Teach how to do something you already know

Tip #3 Get all your ideas down then focus on one

Tip #4 Start with your vision and your "why"

Tip #5 Create a simple outline for your book

Tip #6 Don't guess, have a step-by-step plan

Tip #7 Beat the overwhelm with this #1 trick

Tip #8 Get unstuck and write use these 5 tips

Tip #9 Stay motivated and complete your book use these 5 tips

Tip #10 Edit your book, these 4 tips will help

Tip #11 Use Microsoft Editor to edit your book

Tip #12 Use these 15 Writing tips to get your book done

Tip #13 If you're crunched for time use these 5 writing tips