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15 Success Tips to Promote a Book

Tis the Season to Write a Book blog series continues as we countdown our way to Christmas. Congratulations you self-published and authored a book. Now what? How do you go about making money? Well if you're in need of some ideas this is the blog post for you. Today is Day 18 of 24, here are 15 tips to promote your book, let's dive right in.

1. Be proud of your book and talk about it confidently. Get in the habit of promoting your book.

2. Celebrate this achievement by posting a video or doing a LIVE unboxing of your new book.

3. Ask for the sale. Tell people where they can purchase your new book. Give them a direct link (Do not have your reader jumping through hoops to find your purchase link).

4. Tell people why you wrote the book. Be vulnerable and don't be afraid to go below the surface talk. Surface talk looks like you saying "I'm a new author please support me and buy my book". However, stating your why in a deeper way sounds more like this, "even though I'm a new author this book has been in my heart for years. God called me to share my story so that it can help free other single moms."

5. Tell people why they need this book. This is when you talk about the benefits of your book. What result will they get from reading your book? For example, with my new book, the benefit is they will have the steps they need to write, self-publish, and market a book.

6. Speak to your ideal client. Tell them who the book is for. If you talk to your reader they will qualify themselves if the book is a good fit. Use words like, "If you identify as.... then this book is for you". For example, with my new book I say, If you're an aspiring author of faith then this book is for you".

7. Share and overshare the book title. A good book title alone can sell your book. For example, here is a book I highly recommend reading, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

8. Share the book description. Create a compelling book description with keywords. A keyword is one to three words or a phrase people are searching for. An example of a keyword would be "Daily Gratitude 365 Reflection." People looking for this type of book will be able to find your book on Amazon.

9. Record a video of you reading parts of your book. Give the reader a book preview.

10. Do a giveaway.

11. Do a press release.

12. Promote your book in free social media groups or apps.

13. Blog about your book.