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About the Author

     Tahira Neckles is a dream activator, kingdom builder, inspirational author, writer, and book consultant at TahiraGift Consulting. Tahira is called to build up faith leaders to go from idea to possibility and produce the book within them. Tahira is on a mission to help aspiring authors of faith write and self-publish their book and make an impact and income while doing so.
     Tahira has a gift of using words to uplift and move people into purpose. A gifted teacher and anointed vessel for God. Tahira has been given a vision to write a series of books, Giving Inspiration For Today, to support women of faith as they build stronger lives through reliance on Jesus Christ. Tahira publishes a weekly blog to support aspiring authors and push women into purpose.
     Tahira is a blessed mother of two. Tahira is also passionate about purpose, motherhood, self-care, and Kingdom entrepreneurship. During her free time, you can see her relaxing on the beach, reading a good book, or traveling for fun adventures with her spouse and children. Read her blog at and get the Write Your Book Free Checklist here

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