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How to Create a Prayer Journal to Sell on Amazon KDP in 2024- Quick 5 Steps!

In this blog I'm breaking down the exact steps I used to create a Prayer Journal and Self-Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in 2024. If you're ready to publish a Prayer Journal on KDP to make an impact and income then this blog is for you. I'm going to give you 5 quick steps to get it done. If you read all the way to the end, I have a special bonus to help you get your prayer journal done with ease.

So, before I get into the details of the steps, first I want to share with you my newest Prayer Journal I published in March of 2024 on Amazon KDP.

Here is a quick 5 step rundown of what I did to accomplish this result.

1. I prayed about what Prayer Journal to create.

2. I decided on a Target Market.

3. I used a Prayer journal template to modify and quickly create my journal- I did not start from scratch.

4. I used Canva to finalize both my cover and interior, and download it as a PDF ready print.

5. I uploaded everything to KDP and published it to sell on Amazon.

Okay, now that you know the steps, are you ready to dive deeper to self-publish your own Prayer Journal? Below you will find more details about each step to help you, including some pictures and video tutorials.

Step 1: Pray about What Type of Book to Create-This may sound obvious but the first thing I did was pray. I didn't just want to self-publish any prayer journal but I was intentional about who I wanted to serve. Since I am a Christian Author who loves to encourage other authors of faith, I decided that would be my target market. Thus, The Blessed Author Prayer Journal was born.

But after you pray you may still need some practical ways to decide on your Prayer Journal idea. You can start with Research on Amazon and here's how.

Look at other prayer journals on Amazon for inspiration. Use the look inside feature for bestsellers, and you can also buy a prayer journal to get an idea of what the quality looks like so you can compete in the marketplace. You can use AMZ Suggestion Expander a great tool to find keywords on Amazon.

Step 2: Decide on your Target Market 

A target market is the niche- or small group of people you want to sell your Prayer journal too. Think- Who do I want to serve with this journal? When you have the answer, then create a Prayer journal with that person in mind. For example, if you are designing for a kid, the prayer journal only needs to be 100 to 120 pages max. However, I like to go for a prayer journal of about 150 pages, but no more than 200. As a person who likes to write I can go through a journal in a month so I target adults like myself who enjoy journaling space to write down their ideas as they pray and spend time with God.


Step 3: Here's how to Download the KDP template for your Full Cover so you can design it with the right margins.

I recommend 6 x 9 as this is the standard and most popular size or an 8.5 x 11 for a bigger size Prayer Journal. You want to have the correct dimensions before you start designing your prayer journal. This will be important for designing your cover. However, there are many different book sizes to choose from. KDP offers a cover calculator

Below is just an example

Step 4 Design your Interior using Canva and when complete download it as a PDF

You can use Canva templates to redesign and create original prayer journals. Use elements in your designs. Make sure you use the same elements on your interior so that it flows.

Create about 5 to 10 original designs then duplicate those pages until you get to 120 up to 150 pages. Canva now allows you to create and download up to a 200-page journal. Things you can use inside your prayer journal are:

· Scriptures

· Declarations

· Affirmations

· Gratitude pages

· Coloring pages

· Devotional pages

· Reflection pages/ blank lines

· Drawing space

Here's a video on how to create a Prayer Journal using Canva

Step 5 Self-Publish Your Prayer Journal to KDP. See a list of what you will need to self-publish below. I also have a quick tutorial video you can use to walk you through.


  • Put in the Title of Your Prayer Journal

  • Put in Author Name or Pen Name

  • Put in Book Description

  • Pick up to three Categories

  • Pick low content book

  • Put in 7 researched keyword phrases in slots

  • Upload your Cover and Interior to KDP

  • Select Matte or Glossy cover

  • Must preview and approve entire book

  • Set price anywhere from $9.99-$19.99

  • Hit publish and wait the 72 hours for approval

  • KDP will email you when your book is available for purchase

  • Once available make sure to order a copy and proof your Prayer journal to make sure it is the quality you like (you can always make changes to your content on KDP).

Watch this tutorial video below for a video walkthrough on how to self-publish

If you follow these exact steps in this blog, you can get your prayer journal done, however, if you want to save yourself time and do it with ease, I have a BONUS for you. I have already put everything you need to successfully publish on KDP together. Get the Prayer Journal Self-Publishing Bundle here’s what's included:

  1. My Exact Blessed Author Prayer Journal Template interior and Canva Cover 8.5x11- works for creating both paperback or hardcover.

  2. My Exact Shine Prayer Journal Canva Cover & interior KDP Template 6x9 -has the exact margins that work to successfully upload on KDP.

  3. Researched Keywords-That you can use for title, slots, and to run Ads (the same keywords that landed my prayer journal on the front page of Amazon).

  4. Book Description Scripts- you don't have to start from scratch use my template.

  5. Prayer Journal content ideas- the most commonly requested sections for your prayer journal interior design.

  6. Checklist so you know that you have done everything right.

  7. Bonus: Impact to Income eBook -How to market and sell your journal plus 10x your income.

As a thank you for reading the entire blog post here's a coupon code. Enter Save20 at checkout to get $20 off the Prayer Journal Self-Publishing Bundle. Click here to learn more.

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Hi, I'm Tahira! Christian Author, Teacher, and Self-Publishing Consultant at TahiraGift Consulting LLC. As a Blessed Author, I share on this blog tips to help other women of faith self-publish a book for impact and income. Learn more and get my Self-Publishing on KDP Free Checklist click here.

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