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The #1 Way to Beat Overwhelm When Writing a Book

Tis the Season to Write a Book blog series continues as we countdown our way to Christmas. I see it all the time, first-time authors becoming overwhelmed because they complicate the writing process. Today is Day 7 of 24 and it's all about beating the overwhelm when writing a book, let's dive right in.

So the #1 way to beat overwhelm is to. . . drum roll please. . .


First-time authors complicate the writing process by thinking they have to write this 250-page or more book, or 30,000-word book.

I get it, I've been there. You want to put something out in the world that makes a difference but the thought of how to write a 12 chapter book starts to overwhelm you.

Here's the truth, if you can solve a problem in 3 chapters that book is enough and valuable in the marketplace.

I've seen books about business that are only 64 pages and selling. Check out this reel I did showing an inspirational quotes book. If someone can publish this surely you can write and publish a book too.

Now it's great if you want to write a 90,000 word Novel, I'm not here to step on your dream. I truly believe the sky's the limit.

However, when you're learning a new skill, in this case how to write and self-publish your first book it's important to master the process.

Once you know how to write a book you can repeat the process and self-publish more books.

Simplifying the process would look like starting with a Novelette, Novella, or Short Stories book, getting it out there, get an audience of readers while you're working on the bigger book goal.

How to Simplify. . .

  • Start with a short read book between 1000 to 10,000 words. Yes, you can create a quality book without all the fluff. I always tell my clients "Quality over Quantity"

  • Start with a 120-page book