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The #1 Way to Beat Overwhelm When Writing a Book

Tis the Season to Write a Book blog series continues as we countdown our way to Christmas. I see it all the time, first-time authors becoming overwhelmed because they complicate the writing process. Today is Day 7 of 24 and it's all about beating the overwhelm when writing a book, let's dive right in.

So the #1 way to beat overwhelm is to. . . drum roll please. . .


First-time authors complicate the writing process by thinking they have to write this 250-page or more book, or 30,000-word book.

I get it, I've been there. You want to put something out in the world that makes a difference but the thought of how to write a 12 chapter book starts to overwhelm you.

Here's the truth, if you can solve a problem in 3 chapters that book is enough and valuable in the marketplace.

I've seen books about business that are only 64 pages and selling. Check out this reel I did showing an inspirational quotes book. If someone can publish this surely you can write and publish a book too.

Now it's great if you want to write a 90,000 word Novel, I'm not here to step on your dream. I truly believe the sky's the limit.

However, when you're learning a new skill, in this case how to write and self-publish your first book it's important to master the process.

Once you know how to write a book you can repeat the process and self-publish more books.

Simplifying the process would look like starting with a Novelette, Novella, or Short Stories book, getting it out there, get an audience of readers while you're working on the bigger book goal.

How to Simplify. . .

  • Start with a short read book between 1000 to 10,000 words. Yes, you can create a quality book without all the fluff. I always tell my clients "Quality over Quantity"

  • Start with a 120-page book

  • Start with these 6 types of books that you can write in 30 days.

  1. Devotional or Journal

  2. Non-fiction Step-by-step

  3. Personal Story

  4. Inspirational sayings

  5. Short-stories

  6. Poetry

  • Model after books you like in the same genre. For example, if you’re writing a devotional find 3 published devotionals that you like. Analyze how the author formats the book then model after the things you like. There is no reason to reinvent the will. Just take your words, personal experience, and expertise and place it in the same format and style you see already out in the marketplace.

If you’re reading this and feel overwhelmed during the writing process I want you to think Simplicity! Ask yourself, “How can I simplify what I’m doing?” When you get clear and take deliberate action you will see more ease.

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Tomorrow Day 8, I share tips to help you get unstuck so stay tuned. Did you enjoy this blog post? If you enjoyed reading make sure to like, share, comment, and subscribe to this site so that you never miss a post during this series.

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