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4 Steps to Increase Book Sales in 30 Days

Tis the Season to Write a Book blog series continues as we countdown our way to Christmas. If you’re not making book sales as an author or maybe you want to increase your sales then this blog post is for you. The steps I am going to share really do work. Stay the course and then evaluate. Be willing to try these things out and then after 30 days see the results. Today is day 19 of 24 here are 4 steps to increase book sales, let's dive right in.

Step 1: Get an autoresponder set up.

There are many different autoresponders you can use. I started with Mailchimp but now I use Convertkit. An autoresponder will give you away to build an email list.

Step 2: Create a freebie.

You’re going to create something of value to give away for people to opt-into your email list.

Here is an example of some things you can offer for your freebie:

  • A challenge

  • An ebook (Audio or digital)

  • A video training

It’s very important that the freebie you create should go with your book, that way you’re qualifying them as your ideal reader.

Step 3: Market that freebie every day for 30 days to grow your email list. Market on at least one social platform like Instagram, and one search engine platform like Pinterest. Once people get your freebie you’re going to offer them your book.

  • Do a LIVE video series. Go LIVE for a certain amount of days if you’re really brave go LIVE every single day for 30 days. At the end of your LIVE video promote your book. Leave up the replay because people can discover your video later. The LIVE series should go with a theme that has to do with your book, maybe a chapter you can expand upon. If they like the video then you can invite them to buy the book. Make sure to send your video to your email list.

  • Do a blog series. If you're new to blogging I would start with a 3 day, 5 day, or 7 day blog series. Make sure the blog includes a link to your freebie and your book displayed. Here is the most important thing: don't just publish a blog and let it sit on your site. You must share it everywhere you have a social media presence. Share your blog with your email list, and ask others to share. Take one blog and share it at least once a week, because new people can discover you and because people have busy lives and may not have time to read it when it first comes out.

Step 4: Once people join your email list you want to nurture them and always have a link to buy your book. Don’t just add people to your email list then never follow up with them.

  • Tell them how to stay connected with you on social media.

  • Be authentic.

  • Tell them about yourself and why you became an author.