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5 Tips to Stay Motivated and Write a Book

Tis the Season to Write a Book blog series continues as we countdown our way to Christmas. We all need a little motivation sometimes, even when you love what you do it's possible to need rest. Today is Day 9 of 24, here are 5 tips to stay motivated and finish the book, let's dive right in.

Tip #1 Give Yourself a Deadline

I know some of us don't like the pressure of it all but for others, it can be a motivation. Give yourself an incentive when you meet the deadline. Treat yourself to a weekend getaway or a fancy upscale restaurant. Make it something you don't often experience, make it worth your while so that you're excited to complete your book.

Tip #2 Have Reward Day

Don't just wait until the end goal is met but I always encourage my clients to celebrate the progress made. If you added 500 words to your book be proud. Personally when I’m writing Fridays is reward day. Do something and treat yourself to something you really enjoy during the journey.

Tip #3 Take Things Away

This is reverse psychology, so this kind of goes with reward day but you're taking something you love to do and postponing it. Let's say you can't watch your favorite show until you write for at least 30 minutes. It's the reverse method but for some, not having that coffee or midday treat will motivate them to get going because they surely want to relax in a hot bubble bath at night. Haha, this only works, if you have a habit of doing a particular thing and not having it, would feel unbearable.

Also, when writing a book it takes commitment so what are you willing to give up to make your dream happen? Personally, I gave up watching movies because of the time it takes to watch a 1 and a half or 2-hour movie I would rather use that time to write my book. You decide.

Tip #4 Set up Visuals

You want to put your goal, and vision all over your home, especially where you write. Visuals can be your writing goals, your “why” you're writing the book, your outline, the number of days you will write until you finish your rough draft and submit it to the proofreader. Here is a picture of a visual activity I suggest in my book.