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Why You Need An Amazon Author Page

Tis the Season to Write a Book blog series continues as we countdown our way to Christmas. If you're a newly self-published author make sure you set up your Amazon Author's page. Today is day 23 of 24 here is how to set up your Amazon Author's page, let's dive right in.

Why do you need an Amazon Author's page?

Your Amazon Author's page can show up on Google when people search your name.

Amazon is a search engine. Did you know that Amazon will recommend your author’s page to others based on your book category?

Meaning Amazon gives you a free way to get discovered. Why wouldn't you want another way for a trillion-dollar company to help your book get discovered?

As a self-published author also referred to as an indie author, you want to utilize an Amazon author’s page, especially if you do not have a website.

There are many benefits and some of the unique features are that you can view sales info, see your author ranking, and customer reviews.

Here is how to create one.

Go to

1. Create a profile.