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What To Do When Self-Care Does Not Work? | Not Your Everyday Self-Care Blog

So I was asked this question during a strategy session with a client: What do you do when self-care doesn't work? This was a great question that lead to an even deeper discussion that I wanted to address here in this blog post. Below is a summary of both her personal realization and my story because believe it or not I've been exactly where she is today. Below is my answer to: What to do when Self-care doesn't work?

If you've done everything that you can:

  • you're consistently practicing self-care

  • getting enough sleep at night

  • drinking enough water

  • exercising

  • eating plenty of vegetables

  • watching your stress level

  • getting positive support

  • saying your affirmations

  • reading your word

  • focusing on your vision

  • thinking happy thoughts

  • a part of a local church community

  • going on vacations

  • doing a hobby and expressing your creativity

  • even laughing and going on date nights

If life seems really good but still despite all that something is still missing. You are still lacking the energy and excitement so you think "self-care is not working".

So this is the last thing that I asked her to consider:

What are you spending the most amount of time doing?

For her it was that she worked 10 hour days including the commute.

Then I dove deeper:

Are you doing work that you love? Do you feel on purpose?

The truth of the matter is I don't care how much self-care you do: