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Are you feeling burnt out and honestly dissatisfied with life? It's time to eliminate overwhelm and move from busyness into ease; a toolkit with your self-care in mind. These tools will teach you an easy way to love yourself and love your life. Designed by Tahira Neckles, Inspirational Author, Speaker Wellness Coach.



Are you ready to move from busyness to ease and become a woman everyday loving yourself and loving your life? 


What is Included:





  • BONUSES ($297 VALUE)

BE W.E.L.L Toolkit Includes Giving Inspiration For Today Book Series


List of Books You Will Receive:

1) Freedom For Today: Practical Advice On How To Create A Life You Love A 10 Step by Step Guide 

   ($37 Value)

2) Well-Being For Today: A Guided Journal To Nourish Your Well-being ($27 Value)

3) Hope For Today: A Daily, Weekly, Monthly Fillable Planner To Renew Hope As You Plan Your Day Also     Comes With A Weekly Self-Care Goal Section ($27 Value)

4) Courage For Today: A 30-Day Path To Awaken Courage ($27 Value)

5) Abundance For Today: 52 Weeks Of Inspiration For Positivity, Joy & Abundance

    ($27 Value)

6) Release For Today: Release, Heal & Grow 90 Day Holistic Workbook ($39 Value)

7) Faith For Today: 4 Steps Living With Faith Over Fear ($27 Value)

8) Inspiration For Today: 30-Days of Clarity For The Soul ($27 Value)

9) Self-Care For Today: 52 Week Guide to Practice Self-Love and Care Throughout the        Year ($27 Value)

10) Gratitude For Today: 12 Exercises To Practice Gratitude ($27 Value)

11) Growth For Today: 3 Essentials For Personal Growth($27 Value)

12) Purpose For Today: 101 Ways To Contribute To This World ($27 Value)

Total Value =$346 



You will receive an ebook, hard copy book, and workshop training monthly. 

1) Well-being For Today: A Guided Journal to Nourish your Well-being will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days of purchase.

2) Hope For Today: Daily, Weekly, Monthly fillable planner will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days of purchase.

3) You will be notified via email of next hard copy shipment (all books are shipped by Amazon)


Currently In Toolkit:

Bonuses 6 Downloadable PDF's 

1) Simple Book Outline For Beginners 4 Steps and Bonus Secret included 
2) How Do You Balance It All 4 Steps and Bonus Secret included
3) How To Release Toxic Energy Keeping You From Happiness 4 Steps and Bonus Secret included 
4) How To Create A Vision Board For Beginners 4 Steps and Bonus Secret included 
5) How To Practice Self-Care & Stay Consistent 4 Steps and Bonus Secret included 
6) Get Unstuck & Move Into A Life You Love 4 Steps and Bonus Secret included 




Faith For Today Ebook

Self-Care for Today ebook

Freedom For Today: Practical Advice on How to Create a Life You Love Ebook

Workshop Video Replays

Self-Care For Today Workshop Replay

Get Clear, Set Goals, and Have Vision for 2019

Faith For Today Workshop, Slides, & Worksheet

How To Make It Sustainable Slides

                       FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. When Will I Recieve Access To The Bonuses? Immediately after subscribing to either the annual or monthly plan you will be able to download all digital products including ebooks.


2. How Do I Access My Digital Products; Ebooks, Workshops, & Bonuses?

Your digital products are stored in your account on the Payhip platform. If you have questions you can always email me at

3. What Is Your Refund Policy?

There will be no refunds due to the nature of digital downloads and your immediate access with the toolbox. However, for the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. 

4. When Will I Receive My Monthly Distribution Of Hardcopy Book? All hardcopy books will be shipped between the 5th -8th of the month and delivered via Amazon. Please allow 3 to 5 business days to receive in the US. You will be emailed the upcoming book of the month. 

5. Why Do I Get A HardCopy Book Once a Month, Can't I Just Get ALL 12 Shipped Now? The monthly distribution has been designed to receive personal development in a way that does not overwhelm you if you get all books at once and to avoid that feeling of not knowing where to start. A monthly distribution gives you time to dive into each tool, ask me questions inside the Be W.E.L.L Facebook group while looking forward to a new gift every month. 

6. I Choose A Monthly Plan And Want To Change My Credit Card Information? All payments are managed via Stripe and you can manage your payment information and changes via Stripe. 

7. I Need Help With Accountability And Working Through The Steps In The Toolkit, Do You Offer Additional Coaching? Yes, I am happy to support women who would like additional one-on-one coaching. However, this is an extra cost. Email me at if you are interested in a Be W.E.L.L Breakthrough Strategy Session 50 minutes, Twice a month Accountability Check-ins 30 or 60 minutes, or one-on-one weekly coaching (I only take 3 women a month due to the intensive level of support).  

8. What Is The Best Way To Reach You If I Have A Question? You are welcome to email me at, direct message me in messager, or ask within the Facebook Group Be a W.E.L.L. I am pretty active on social media and respond within 24 hrs to all messages. I observe the Sabbath as a part of my Christian faith and take off most Saturdays to spend time with my family and practice self-care. If I will be away for more then 24 hrs and unable to respond I will always notify via the Facebook community so make sure you join at  

9. I'm A Busy Mom And Wear A Lot of Hats In My Personal And/Or Professional Life Will This Toolkit Work For Me? Yes, if you are a busy mom this toolkit was designed with you in mind. Please do not suffer in silence, get the support you deserve. Each activity in the books can be done in 5 minutes or less and if you don't have 5 minutes then I think I want to challenge you to give yourself the time, your well-being will thank you. Not taking time for yourself can lead to health issues because your body was never meant to run at a heighten stressed level all the time. You are meant to have ease and abundance. You are not missing out by taking care of yourself, you are actually refueling to have the energy to stay steady and enjoy the ride. Self-care is a divine responsibility. Get the tools you need to BE W.E.L.L (Busy Into Ease Woman Everyday Loving Self and Loving Life.)

2019SPRING Special


Two ways to purchase toolkit

Annual price $197

Monthly price $19.97 


Total savings of $2237 when you get your toolkit today.


Tahira Neckles

My name is Tahira Neckles, Founder and CEO of an Inspirational Author, Speaker, and Wellness Coach, supporting you with tools to Love Yourself and Love Your Life. I'm passionate about teaching busy women to shift into ease and take care of themselves. 

I know what it feels like to be stuck in fear, pain, and lacking the tools to truly love myself and my life. I spent 6 years silently suffering from Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and Mixed Connective Tissue diagnosis; all autoimmune disorders. I had surgery in March 2018 and since fully recovered from chronic illness, chronic fatigue, and living an anxious and stressed out life.


But why did I suffer so long? I realized that I lacked the ability to take adequate care of myself rooted in not loving myself. When I started to do the internal work I started to heal from the inside out. I'm sooooo thankful to God for my new found FREEDOM, PURPOSE, and SELF-LOVE! That's why you will see mission is to help other women to Be W.E.L.L (Busy Into Ease Woman Everyday Loving Self and Loving Life). 


It's time to cut out the overwhelm and living life exhausted, dissatisfied, or burnt out. With this toolkit approach, you will gain a proven process to step out of fear and into a lifestyle you love. If you have any further questions or would like to book me to speak on Wellness through Self-love and Care email me at


Thanks for reading and until next time,


Live Well, Love Well, Be Well 


Stephanie Rodnez

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. All I can say is W-O-W. I received your book in the mail last night, started reading it this morning -

And literally COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN.

It’s like you were literally in my brain when I made the decision in September 2015 to STOP self-sabotage and do what God had been asking me to do for years.

The steps you outlined in this book are the EXACT steps the Lord took me through to get out of my own way (and His way) and finally do the work that got RESULTS.

Tahira, it’s like you were THERE with me -

From identifying what I REALLY wanted out of life -

To understanding what I REALLY needed to do to get what I wanted out of life -

From doing the work to forgive myself and BELIEVE I could get what I wanted out of life -

To finally now living the life I’ve always wanted, ALL PRAISE TO JESUS.

Your book is a GAME-CHANGER.
Your book is literally going to CHANGE LIVES and help millions (yes, I’m declaring MILLIONS for your book) get out of their own way and step into everything God intended them to be.

You provide action steps.
You provide clear concepts.
You provide a path to abundance based on the work of God.
And that journal - WOW. What an incredible resource.

Tasha Miller

Yesterday I entered the Release, Heal, and Grow 90 Day Holistic Workbook, and on page 123. It asked me to make a list of ten ways on how to "Love Myself...

(Page 129).

Releasing Fear - list any fears I have, or currently experiencing....

"It's worth it! I just got my new set this morning!

Patricia Ward

I recommend Tahira Gift's exceptional approach to achieving a life you can truly love and appreciate living. Tahira is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is willing to walk you step by step through a proven process of self-love and self-acceptance so you can achieve your wildest dreams. Tahira also has books, videos, blogs and many other avenues to help raise your awareness of the things that may hinder you from achieving your goals.

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