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How to Start 2024 with Joy, Purpose, and Inner Peace: Your Journey to Freedom with 7 Keys

Happy New Year, Ya girl is back and I'm starting this first Sunday of the New Year doing what I love. That's right, I'm back to my first love of writing. Before I knew I would become a mom, before I knew God would call me to be a Christian teacher, I knew I wanted to write. In 2024 I'm back to writing from a place of joy and allowing God to flow through this gift of communication and creative expression. 

Did you know… 

Joy is the New Freedom! 

Purpose is the New Freedom! 

Inner Peace is the New Freedom!

And what better way to start this New Year than helping you to Activate More Joy, Purpose, and Inner Peace.

I started my own personal journey after experiencing heartbreak and a soul that was tired back in July of 2022. Last year with a renewed Spirit God started speaking to me about releasing my journey in a new book. I even spent the last 4 months of 2023 in Sabbatical from social media and posting because I needed to go within. This year I’ll be sharing with the world my newest book, Freedom Today: 7 Keys to Activate More Joy, Purpose, and Inner Peace in Your Life

I'm so excited about what is to come because I've been truly blessed to have partnered with God to write this new book. 

But let's talk about How to Start the New Year with Joy, Purpose, and Inner Peace. 

Stepping into this level of freedom is about asking the tough questions.

Get out a journal. 

Get in a quiet space with God and ask him.

Father God is there anything in my life that is not in alignment with my purpose?

Father God reveal to me any area of my life not in alignment with my highest good and purpose?

Being willing to hear the answer will help you truly step into Freedom today. You must have the courage to not only listen, but write it down and then take the action steps necessary to make changes.

  • These changes may be to walk away from an unhealthy relationship.

  • To walk away from a toxic work environment.

  • To have the courage to write the book God has been telling you to write. 

Be willing to ask tough questions.

God where in my life is my faith not activated?

Help me to see by faith how to walk in Purpose. 

What in my life is messing with my inner peace?

Where in my family life can I experience more joy?

Help me to apply what you tell me. 

How can I use joy to walk in my purpose? 

What in my life is messing with my joy? 

Oftentimes we already know the answer but it's about having the courage to sit still, reflect, then do something about it.

If you want to have more Joy, Purpose, and Inner Peace in 2024 then take the journey with me. 

Here are the 7 Keys to get you there… 

Key #1 Faith

Key #2 Family

Key #3 Fitness

Key #4 Finances

Key #5 Fortitude

Key #6 Fun

Key #7 Flow

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Thanks for reading and until next time,

Abundant Blessings in 2024!

Hi, I'm Tahira! Christian Author, Teacher, and Self-Publishing Consultant at TahiraGift Consulting LLC. I'm currently writing a new book Freedom Today: 7 Keys to Activate Joy, Purpose, and Inner Peace. It will be released this year. As a Blessed Author I also share tips to help other women of faith write and self-publish a book for impact and income. See additional resources to support you below.

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