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What And Who You May Be Missing In Your Self-Care Action Plan

What you may be missing in your self-care action plan is:

1) Positive Social Support (The What) one of the best things you can do is have a circle of support.

2) Team of People (The Who) this is about being proactive and preventative about your health and well-being.

See below a list of people you could have on your team: 

°Your primary doctor °Your primary dentist  

°A wellness coach 

°A license are clinical therapist or psychologist 

°A mental health counselor or stress management helper 

°An obgyn  

°An optometrist if you wear glasses °Another type of specialist like myself I had a rheumatologist  

°A nutritionist or dietitian 

°A pastor for spiritual support  

°A positive safe women's support or ministry group 

°Certain hobbies like the gym or sports club i.e. walking, running, tennis, cycling, hiking, etc 

These are all great support team members to consider to improve your self-care action plan. I must admit there was a time in my life I had all thee above but I thank God as I believe it made all the difference in my 360 degree health change. After struggling for 6 years with chronic illness I have completely recovered. Now for the last 3 years I've dedicated myself to wellness and helping other women to be well. I'll be going more in depth with my signature 6 Step Self-Care Success Formula tomorrow for the workshop of the month May 22nd 7:15 pm PST Self-Care on Purpose. I'm super excited to share these 6 steps with you.

A Final Word

Do you have the support you need to win at self care? If not it's not too late to start to create this support. Take action today to find the right people and I'd love to know if there are any other team members you would consider. 

As "The Well Champion" I specialize in helping women move from busyness into ease and from burnout into essential and successful living by providing practical everyday self-care tools. I want to invite you to join me for the workshop of the month every fourth Wednesday inside my free Facebook group Be a Well. 

For a Free List of 30 Simple Self-care Ideas + Bonuses Click here.

Thanks for reading! 

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