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Self-Care For Today

52 Week Guide to Practice Self- Love and Care Throughout the Year. 

This book is a part of Giving Inspiration For Today Book Series.

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Self-Care For Today will give you a clear system to take action toward loving yourself and practicing self-care 365 days a year.


During my healing journey, I started to track everything, amazingly as I begin to focus on myself my life changed. Taking care of me was the power I learned to love myself. It was the inner-work that lead to outer healing where I faced my fear and learned how to be well. I’m grateful to share this process with you right now in this book. This is why Self-Care for Today: A 52 Week Guide to Practice Self-love and Care Throughout the Year was born. Weekly fillable checklist and inspiration included to guide and track your self-care.


Self-Care For Today is available now on Amazon for $27

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