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4 Self-Care Tips For The Busy Care-Taker

I'm sharing 4 self-care tips for the Busy Caretaker I.e mom, wife, full-time professional, community leader, or all of thee above. As women, we often wear many hats but it's important not to neglect ourselves in the process. So let's focus on bringing self-care to the forefront. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post I know your time is valuable so let's jump right in.

Tip 1: Stop the Busyness

First things first I know I mentioned the word busy but truth be told being busy is one of the first things we need to heal from the most. I have made it my mission to help women learn to move from busyness into ease.

I know what society tells us its like we get a metal for how many things we can accomplish, being multi-taskers or workaholism is rewarded even though our health and well-being may suffer. But in order to practice self-care, we must be okay with not being busy all the time. And this does not mean you stop having goals or being ambitious. It just means you know the difference between being productive or just being busy and you make time for YOU. And if you say you are too busy to include self-care into your daily or at least weekly routine then you are being unhealthy and I would encourage you to stop and heal that before your health is negatively impacted.

Take it from me someone who is Type A personality by nature and had to learn from my many mistakes of being busy. I spent years running past myself, working despite being in pain, raising kids, dealing with all the day-to-day stresses of life without a way to stop and truly be healthy. I learned the lesson of what lack of self-care can do the hard way now my self-care is non-negotiable.

Tip 2: Check-in with Yourself

Often times we wait until there is something wrong to focus on our health. However, it's time to be more pro-active with our wellness and not allow sickness to be the reason we wake up and pay attention. Usually, when the body is not well it's too late and we have missed the settle signs or still small voice that is guiding us to well-being. Here is the cure: LISTEN to your Body, Heart, and Mind-it's all connected. It starts with daily check-ins. I have created a daily self-care checklist to support with practicing self-care consistently. I like to do mine check-in every morning but throughout the day is okay as well. Do what works best for you, but you must take the time to check in.

Tip 3: Give Your Body what it needs

Do you take the time to give your body the amount of water, exercise, and rest it needs? How can you give to others 100% when you are not your best. And I'm talking about more than just fitness or eating right. I'm talking about making sure your emotional and spiritual well-being is in order too. Because truth be told everything internally is what we see manifested externally, so it's time to take care of You.