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3 Must Haves For A Successful Self-Care Strategy

Do you have a game plan for practicing self-care? If you're looking for ways to increase self-care I have three must- haves to include to help you create a self-care strategy and stay on track. I'm sharing some of my personal favorites in this blog post but please use this as a guide, as the beauty in self-care is discovering what works best for you. Below are three essentials to ask yourself are you doing these to make self-care a success.

#1: Reset

Everyday that you wake up is like God giving you a reset button. So why not be intentional about hitting reset if needed for your self-care. Often the biggest shifting that can take place is in our attitudes or the way we think (mindset). Like you may have a negative thought "I'm to busy for self-care" but resetting your thinking toward "I make my self-care a priority, I'm worth it" will allow you to begin to move toward more love for yourself. Also, do be flexible with self-care practices, some times you will need to adjust when things are not working, don't be afraid to shift or start something new.

#2: Reward

The first level of motivation comes from this feeling of "what's in it for me?" If the health benefits of self-care alone is not enough then try adding a reward to kick you into gear. A reward will give you something to look forward to after taking action or accomplishing a certain self-care goal. Just make sure it's a healthy reward, like after a workout try to avoid binge eating ice-cream, potato chips, or like me getting a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks (and yes I know how unhealthy it is-I'm working on it). Instead try a healthy snack like a smoothie, your favorite fruit, melons are great because of the water contained, maybe even a spur of chocolate. Rewards that work best as motivators are:

  • immediate

  • within 2 weeks

  • one month

  • every 90 days

Challenge yourself to see how long you can go before needing a reward. But what you are creating is like a self-care payday. My favorite pay-day rewards are to invest in rich experiences with the people I love which looks like saving up to enjoy my favorite restaurant, spa, or Oceanside getaway.

#3: Renew

This one is my favorite self-care must-have and includes some sort of renewing activity like resting, rejuvenating, soothing and nourishing. You can literally renew everyday so this must-have never gets old. I like taking naps, Epsom salt baths, drinking a hot cup of tea and honey before bedtime, time with God in the word, and gratitude journaling just to name a few. But take the time to discover your go to must-haves for renewal.

Final Word

Having these 3 Reset, Reward, Renew included in your self-care strategy will greatly increase your success because they focus the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

So out of the 3 listed above which one do you already include into your self-care routine?

If you are missing one then I would encourage you to add it and give yourself 30, 60, and 90 days of steady pursuit to yield the best results. If you would like an additional clear system, way to track your self-care goals, and so much more then grab my book, Self-Care For Today: A 52 Week Guide to Practice Self-love and Care Throughout the Year.

Thanks for reading!

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Live Well, Love Well, Be Well

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