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3 Steps To Spring Into Self-Love

Spring is a wonderful time to bloom; new things coming forth so I wanted to do a special blog post to refresh your self- love. Truth is you become less effective when you don't take care of You so below are 3 steps to ensure you spring forth. Also if you read the entire blog post I have a special bonus video below.

Step 1: Mindset

Oftentimes we can be way to hard on ourselves, this has to do with your mindset. Another term you might have heard is "self talk". Even if you don't verbally say it out loud you're thinking thoughts about yourself and its important to make sure they are loving thoughts. When you work on your mindset it is loving yourself and to make sure you fight fear based thinking like:

  • "I am not enough"

  • Feeling guilty

  • Criticizing any part of your body

Instead try these tips

  • Learn to practice self-compassion

  • Appreciate yourself and celebrate yourself "I am more than enough"

  • Take time to focus on your mindset

  • Be willing to learn, take action, and even invest in personal development