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7 Things To Track For Your Self-Care

I posted a blog a few days ago talking about the importance of listening to your body as a form of self-care. I realized that there are essential things that our body craves and I want to address those things in this blog today. I started tracking my self-care when I was recovering from a Lupus diagnosis, now I am fully recovered (praise break- all glory be to God) but my true breakthrough came when my desire to be well was learning that love and care was a priority. Below are 7 things to track for your self-care:

1) Drinking Water

Often times we don't drink enough water but water has many health benefits. When you drink enough water you are clearing out toxins, and you are giving your body what is necessary to function at its best. Many of us walk around dehydrated and wonder why we have headaches.

Here are some tips to support in drinking more water:

  • Carry water around with you at all times.

  • Put water right where you can see it -if you are a visual person like me you won't forget what is right in front of you.

  • Place water next to your nightstand or on your dresser drawer -then you can reach over first thing in the morning.

  • Set time intervals where you will drink water like morning, afternoon, evening - if you eat at least three times a day make sure to drink at least a tall glass of water.

  • Drink water after you go to the bathroom- take at least 10 sips or half a cup.

  • Use your phone alarm or an app to monitor your water intake.

  • Set a reward at the end of the week if you reach your recommended amount of water for your body type.

2) Sleep