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3 Secrets Of Faith For The Self-Love Journey

There will come a time during your self-love journey where faith is required to conquer whatever you are growing through until you reach your next level. See below a video in which I share 3 secrets of faith.

Video Recap:

Secret #1 faith is a muscle

You have been given faith but if you are not using it you become weak and unable to withstand the pressures of life. You must become committed to using faith as a lifestyle. You will get stronger and grow more confident when you use your faith

Secret #2 faith is outside of your comfort zone

Faith is supposed to feel uncomfortable this is to stretch and grow you into the person who can receive the blessings of God. Faith is required to please God Hebrews 11:6 and when we step out in faith, he rewards us by bringing everything we asked for into our comfort zone. So, it’s only uncomfortable for a little while. Feeling discomfort is a sign you are getting close.

Secret #3 faith is active

Faith is movement and you can see even how God used action in the beginning. Therefore, what makes you think you can achieve any good work without action.

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