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3 Self-Care Ideas For The Busy Working Woman

I see you working hard in that 9 to 5 wishing you had more time in the day to practice self-care. I remember those days, as a manager leading a team I wanted to lead by example, so instead of being late I would rush out the house too busy to even eat breakfast. I would make coffee at the office and then use caffeine and the responsibilities of work to get me through a 9 to 10 hour day. But soon it all came crumbling down as my health took a unhealthy turn and caused me to but myself back on the agenda.

Look, I don't want chronic illness to be your wake up call. I want you to be full of energy, health and well-being to do the task at hand. I want you to lead your team by showing them self-care actually makes you a better boss (because you will be less stressed). Everyone wins when self-care is practiced. This blog post is for all those working professional career driven women. Read below for 3 ways to incorporate your self-care.

#1: Get it done in the morning.

I know your time is tight and usually after a hard's day of work you just want to come home take a shower, eat a good meal, and have a good laugh as you wind down. So the truth is even if you only get up 15 minutes earlier then you do now and dedicate that time to self-care you can get done 2 to 3 things within that 15 minutes time period. It doesn't have to be long, the most important thing is that you start, increase, and maintain self-care for your optimal health.

Need some simple self-care ideas you can do in 5 minutes are less? Check out my Free List of 30 Simple Self-Care Ideas here. But I'll give you 3 right now you can start for the busy working woman:

1) Stretch for 5 minutes

2) Do a quick Devotional (Jesus Calling takes literally 2 minutes)

3) Say your affirmations and give yourself a quick confidence boost before you hit the work world.

#2: Schedule 1 hour on the weekend dedicated to Self-Care.

As a working professional it may be hard to get in extra self-care during the week so I suggest you start with my simple 111 system: