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5 Self-Care Ideas For Your Morning Routine | Takes 5 Minutes Or Less

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you take the time to give yourself some self-care before getting ready for your day? And I'm not talking about your hygiene routine like; washing your face, brushing your teeth, drinking water, and eating breakfast, we have been repeating these things since childhood. However, I'm talking about the pace you choose in the morning to love yourself and love your life. Below are 5 ideas to increase your feeling of self-care in your morning routine.

#1 Check in with yourself

First thing in the morning I recommend you check in with yourself. This is a moment to listen to your body. And yes, I'm giving you permission to talk to yourself.

Ask yourself,

  • How am I feeling today in my body?

  • How is my energy level?

  • What is one word I would use to describe the emotion I feel this morning

There is so much we can learn about ourselves if we take the time to listen. Often times we can get into a bad habit of pushing through and not acknowledging what's really going on. It becomes easier to stay busy then to be still enough to listen. This one check in will give you the information you need to practice adequate self-care that will actually benefit your well-being instead of just rushing first thing in the morning to get ready. This check in literally takes 5 minutes or less.

#2 Pray, Meditate, or ask God for guidance

Take 5 minutes to pray, meditate, or ask God for guidance first thing in the morning. The inner peace you will feel does the body good. You can do this by reading a quick devotional before you get out of bed.

#3 Practice gratitude

Take a moment every morning to give thanks first thing say at least 3 things you are grateful for. This literally takes less then 5 minutes but will fill you up and if you have more time write it down.

#4 Affirmations, scriptures, and declare over your life

Pour into yourself by washing positive words and promises over your life. You can do this by reciting affirmations, scriptures, and declaring every word will manifest. Have an expectation that you deserve every good thing as a child of God. Even if you just stated 3 affirmations and 3 scriptures over your life this would take less then 5 minutes.

#5 Journal

Take a few minutes in the morning to reflect. Even just 4 minutes would make a huge difference in your life. Don't know what to journal about? I have 30 Days of prompts to guide you toward courageous living in my book, Courage For Today: A 30 Day Path to Awaken Courage.

In conclusion

I encourage you to add one or more of these ideas to your morning routine. Take an extra 5 minutes and start to increase your self-care practices. I'd love to know which one of these:

1) Check in (listen to your body)

2) Pray, mediate,

3) Gratitude

4) Affirmations, scriptures

5) Journal

are you committed to doing over the next 21 days. Try practicing these techniques daily and you will be on your way to better self-care.

Thanks for reading!

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If you need more tools to practice self-love and care grab my newest book, Self-Care For Today: A 52 Week Guide to Practice Self-love and Care Throughout the Year.

Live Well, Love Well, Be Well

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