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3 Ways To Get Some Self-Care | Even For The Busy Working Mom

Whether you are working from home, outside of the home or both a mom's job never seems to end. I know how it can be, even as someone who has good time management strategies under my belt, and very committed to practicing self-care consistently, I can even get thrown off by the unexpected. Today my plans went out the window by a sick child which motivated me to dedicate this blog post to all the mommy's of the world. As mom's there is always a to-do-list; whether it's dealing with laundry, picking up the kids from school, helping with homework or projects, and the list is endless. Here are 3 quick ways to get some self-care in even if you're busy.

#1: Schedule a doctor's or dentist appointment and plan an extra 1 hour. After going to the dentist or doctor I always give myself an extra hour of down time. If you usually work an 8 hour day then schedule a half-day or an extended lunch hour to squeeze time in during the day for pro-active appointments. Don't just rush back to pick up the kids but celebrate yourself for taking care of your health with some "Me Time".

#2: Take an extra hour to sleep in on the weekend

I actually encourage my kids to stay up an extra hour on a Friday just so they will sleep in Saturday. The kids sleep in but I get up same time as a school day just to have some quiet time and get some things done I'm passionate about. Sundays is the day I sleep in. I make breakfast ahead of time for the kids with a nice note and give them permission to watch morning cartoons are sometimes they come into my room and watch YouTube. Put your Self-care time on the schedule and get your kids into the habit of seeing mommy rest. My kids already know the routine on Sundays mommy sleeps in and this is just one day a week so there is no guilt allowed.

#3: 1 hour after work once a week

So if you have a spouse or even if you have to call in a favor from aunt or uncle try to get sometime after work. It's healthy to decompress and not just run from one activity to the next. Even if you just take that time to drink some tea or take a nice relaxing Epsom Salt bath. I prefer either a Wednesday mid- day treat and/ or a Friday especially if I had a stressful week.

Final Word

So you are probably noticing a theme in all these suggestions and yes your right I'm the queen of suggesting you give yourself at least 1 hour. When you give yourself more time then you need for an activity guess what happens, you free up time to not be so busy. And that extra time can be filled up with a quick meditation, grounding technique, or to relax and read a good book. Whatever you like to do the number 1 is a friendly reminder to love on You.

If you are the primary caretaker of some one else and as moms we all fit into this category then Self-care needs to be a priority, anything less means you are running around on fumes and that's not good for your health or family. Giving yourself at least 1 hour a week is a part of my clear solution that even a busy mom can implement. If you would like to know this system and so much more I encourage you to grab my newest book, Self-Care For Today: A 52 Week Guide to Practice Self-love and Care Throughout the Year.

I hope these suggestions give you some inspiration to start taking action.

Thanks for reading!

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Live Well, Love Well, Be Well

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