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8 Best Kept Secrets to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

Secret #1) Create A Must-Have List

What are your non-negotiables? What do you need to feel well and cared for? Make a list, then add those things to your routine. It doesn’t matter where you go this list can go with you. Why is this important? because you have freedom of choice and to do this wellness/ self-care journey you need to have your must- have’s in place. So what is it for you? If you don’t know that’s okay, be open to the discovery process, because self-love and care is a journey. Below you will find 7 of mine to give you some ideas.

  • a nap

  • tea and honey

  • prayer time with God

  • journaling

  • affirmation and wealth mindset routine

  • exercise (fitness)

  • fun and laughter (get your comedy on- have you laughed today?)

Secret #2) Take 1 hour

Give yourself at least 1 hour a week to do one self-care goal a week. Once you get into the habit then gradually increase your time and activities. Success builds from success!

  • take a Zumba class

  • go for a speed walk or jog

  • take a leisure Epsom salt bath

  • listen to a podcast or attend a personal development workshop

  • listen to uplifting music (get a workout song)

Secret #3) Put You On The Agenda

Think about all the things you schedule during a given week; meals, doctor's appointments, work -project due dates, even date night with the spouse, so why not add you to the calendar. I've been doing this for years as a type A and recovering busy body I was constantly on-the-go and burning out. But making a day and time where I see "Me Time" on the planner has given me extra peace and freedom.

  • yes schedule “me time”

Secret #4) Make Wellness A Lifestyle

Like anything you have to create good habits and your self-care should be first and a top priority, not something you get to after you're exhausted, who has energy at the end of the day. Add your self-care in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, placing it throughout your day in smaller time increments to make sure you're taking care of you.

  • do a wellness walk 15 minutes

  • 10-minute meditation

  • deep breathing (often times we are not really breathing adequately due to worry and anxiety take the time to actually take 3 deep breaths; inhaling and exhaling)

  • grounding techniques (sit upright, feet to the floor hand over your heart, close eyes, and breath in slowly)

  • be in nature -go near a lake, ocean, or listen to waves auditory to relax

Secret #5) Have Moments For Still Time

Take time to think and quiet the mind, renew. Successful people take time to learn, plan, create, and they are not on the go 24/7 (they have workers for that). Don't be a busy bee, take a pause from the rat race, and give yourself permission to sit back relax, and enjoy the cheese you've been running to achieve.

  • practice intentional living (do the things on your must-have list)

Secret #6) Listen To Your Body

Stop running past yourself. Do you check in with yourself to see, "how am I feeling today?" and actually give your body what it needs.

  • rest when you feel tired (if you feel chronically fatigue this may be another issue- lack of sleep, health condition, lack of vitamin B12 or D)

  • hydrate when you need water (often times we need more then we drink)

  • eliminate excessive stress (migraine headaches, moodiness, and other major issues can come from too much stress)

Secret #7) Time With Your Higher Power

God gave you this wonderful life. He is the creator of your mind, body, and spirit. Why not check in with the one who can teach you the wisdom to care and love yourself right? He designed the body and he is the best person to support your self love journey.

  • Check in with God

Secret #8) Go With The Flow

I'm not talking about allowing others to dictate your life, but going with your own flow, living a life on purpose. Add this word to the vocabulary flow -it’s about ease and abundance, not grind or working so hard you forget to eat, or that so called "hustle" mentality (like who is pressuring you but you). You get to work smarter. Flow is about trusting the process and enjoying the ride. You have an inner voice that wants to dance to its own beat and create a magical life from it.

  • do a hobby or something you love

  • be in the energy of gratitude (practice gratitude daily either with journaling or speaking things you are grateful for)

  • be authentically you

  • be unapologetic about your self-care

  • be accountable for your own happiness (take your desires by the hand and say let’s go)

So if you made it to the end of this blog post congrats! Did you catch all 28 self-care tips you can add to your self-care routine? Okay secrets out the bag, now get to loving on You and thanks for reading. Make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for weekly inspiration.

Live Well, Love Well, Be Well

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