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8 Best Kept Secrets to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

Secret #1) Create A Must-Have List

What are your non-negotiables? What do you need to feel well and cared for? Make a list, then add those things to your routine. It doesn’t matter where you go this list can go with you. Why is this important? because you have freedom of choice and to do this wellness/ self-care journey you need to have your must- have’s in place. So what is it for you? If you don’t know that’s okay, be open to the discovery process, because self-love and care is a journey. Below you will find 7 of mine to give you some ideas.

  • a nap

  • tea and honey

  • prayer time with God

  • journaling

  • affirmation and wealth mindset routine

  • exercise (fitness)

  • fun and laughter (get your comedy on- have you laughed today?)

Secret #2) Take 1 hour

Give yourself at least 1 hour a week to do one self-care goal a week. Once you get into the habit then gradually increase your time and activities. Success builds from success!

  • take a Zumba class

  • go for a speed walk or jog

  • take a leisure Epsom salt bath

  • listen to a podcast or attend a personal development workshop

  • listen to uplifting music (get a workout song)

Secret #3) Put You On The Agenda

Think about all the things you schedule during a given week; meals, doctor's appointments, work -project due dates, even date night with the spouse, so why not add you to the calendar. I've b