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7 Powerful Ways to Experience Fulfillment for Abundant Living

I have a surprise for you! This week 22 is all about Fulfillment and to support your journey I have created a FREE Challenge: How to Discover Personal Fulfillment in 4 days. This blog post will preview 7 out of the 11 Ways to experience Fulfillment right now. So make sure to sign up, this new Challenge starts June 1st and you can join me LIVE on my Facebook Author's page for any questions, comments, or support.

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to get started (Take the full assessment here):

1)Fun- Are you having enough Fun?

2) Uniqueness- Are you embracing the unique person God created you to be?

3) Love- Are you experiencing and receiving love?

4) Freedom- Are you feeling free? In last weeks' post I talked about

7 Powerful Ways to Practice Freedom for Abundant Living