FREE 6 Day Self-Care Success Challenge

FREE: 6 Day Self- Care Success Challenge

6 Day Self-Care Success Challenge Info:


  • You will learn practical everyday self-care tools you can use right now.

  • Gain awareness day 1 to the next best support you need to succeed in your self-care right now.

  • You will learn a self-care strategy to incorporate into your busy life with ease and flow right now.



Day 1) Commit (Awareness)

Day 2) Decide (Self-Care Plan)

Day 3) Focus the Mind (Mindset)

Day 4) Apply (Tools)

Day 5) Progress (Inspired Action)

Day 6) Ask (Get Support)


This Self-Care Success Challenge will take no more than 30 minutes of your time daily. I recommend spending 10 minutes on watching the video and doing the daily assignment and 20 minutes spent on practicing intentional self-care.



  1. Daily videos instruction (5 minutes or less)

  2. Daily activity you can do (5 minutes to incorporate the steps)

  3. Daily self-care affirmation (To cheerlead you on each day)

  4. Daily Self-Care Tracker (To track and focus on your self-care routine and goal)

  5. 6 Step Self-Care Success Checklist (Formula for Success)

  6. 6 Self-Care Values List (To support with self-care mindset)


I'm confident that this 6 Day Self-Care Success Challenge will push you past your comfort zone but give you the results to win at your self-care.

Preview Challenge Day 1- Day 3

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