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7 Powerful Ways to Express Freedom for Abundant Living

You made the choice to view this blog post today and for that I am truly grateful. I want to encourage you as we enter Week 21 it's all

about FREEDOM. What does that word represent for you? I know it can mean different things, for some it can mean more time to travel, quality time with loved ones, to have more money, or even just the ability to not have to clock into a 9 to 5 job. No matter what your definition of Freedom is today I want you to know somethings you have right now are free and you do not have to ask permission to receive it. Freedom is Yours! Your being understands why you desire freedom and if you could learn to tap into Spirit in the midst of every conscious choice you make you will feel free in the moments. Do you believe it?

There are so many things that we are free to express from gratitude,

forgiveness, and how we show up in the world. You have to look to the internal things and not only the external things you desire to recognize this freedom I'm discussing here. But Freedom does exist and below I share 7 Powerful Ways you can express Freedom for Abundant Living.

Everyday you wake up you freely breathe air and for this you have the freedom to say thank you.

Here are 7 ways to express Freedom:

1)Thoughts- you get to choose what you focus on. Your mindset is powerful so choose positive, creative, and empowering thoughts.

2) Actions- you get to choose moves you will make in life based on the decisions you embrace. It will take courage and faith to move past your comfort zone and not stay stuck in life's circumstances.