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7 Powerful Ways to Practice Forgiveness for Abundant Living

In this blog post I'm not about to tell you who to forgive, but the methods you can apply when choosing to forgive. And yes, I believe forgiveness is a choice, just as you can choose which toothpaste to use there are a variety of ways to practice forgiveness. Sure, there are people who need our forgiveness; maybe a friend, mother, father, current or ex spouse, sibling, or child, it really doesn't matter who the person is that you need to forgive. What's more important is the reason "why" you need to forgive, and it's simple: to have more Joy and Freedom that only forgiveness can bring.

Often times the person we have to forgive the most is looking us right in the mirror. Yes forgive yourself! Why is forgiveness so important?

Well, think about all the many negative emotions and fears unforgiveness harbors. When you choose not to forgive you hold yourself hostage to shame and/or guilt. None of us are perfect people yet we strive for perfection, then get mad at ourselves or others when things don't go as planned. Life is full of ups and downs but when you bring forgiveness you are saying "no matter what I go through I will practice unconditional love on this life's journey". I know it's not easy to practice Forgiveness but that is why I want to encourage and remind you.

Forgiveness will set you free emotionally and spiritually.

Try forgiveness and see how your life will improve for the better. Below are 7 ways you can begin to let go and practice forgiveness for Abundant Living.

Here is:

Forgiveness takes faith and out of this forgiveness something beautiful will manifest. And as we learned last week Faith is about action so here are 7 Powerful Ways to Practice Forgiveness:

1)Tell the truth- acknowledge the unforgiveness this awareness can set you free (even if just saying "I forgive you" when looking at yourself in the mirror).

2) Write it down- in a letter format you are going to write the person a forgiveness letter (you do not have to actually mail it or email it) but just the process of writing it will help you release.