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2 Powerful Truths about Dedication toward Abundant Living

What are you dedicated to creating? Today I want to encourage you, there is nothing you cannot do if you use the power of Dedication. Think about all you have achieved thus far in life, it did not happen by accident it was your pursuit and desire that made it happen. When you dedicate yourself to something you hold it up to grow. Whether that includes growing yourself, your finances, your career, your relationships, whatever you want. When you are committed to it, this will give you hope to move forward and with confidence you will prevail.

Dedication gives you the ability to design every direction intentionally creating action that ignites only what you want in your life right now.

Choose today to bring more Abundant experiences into your life, starting with the belief that you have the ability to declare what you want and then get to the business of dedicating yourself toward results. Never doubt the powerful ability that using dedication can have in your life. Look below for your tip of the week and 2 Powerful Truths about Dedication

toward Abundant Living.

Here is:

Tip of the Week:

Week 13 is all about recognizing the power of your dedication. Dedication attracts Abundance because of the focused attention it brings to the life you are creating. So my tip for you is simply this: If you want to increase your abundance be willing to dedicate yourself toward the things that bring you more joy and freedom. Start today by examining the priorities in your life and how they are in alignment with what you truly want. Only give attention to what you want. Below are 2 Powerful Truths and I want you to reflect on these two truths, it will surely lead you on your path for Abundant Living.

Truth #1 The evidence of your life and experiences is a result of what you are dedicated to. What you are dedicated to in life will grow because of the focused attention you give to it.

Truth #2 Dedication comes from the belief that this is an important priority in your life and therefore you make time for it.