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The Easiest Way To Self-Publish A Book

This is a long-awaited blog as I've been asked about the self-publishing process since the start of this blog series. Today you're going to get my top recommendations for how to self-publish your book. Also, I'm breaking down the cost so there are no surprises. Welcome to week 4 out of a 6-week blog series where I'm answering the frequently asked question "What is the Easiest Way to Self-Publish a book?" Let's dive right in.

Tip #1: What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is when a writer publishes his own work independently and at one's own expense. You can self-publish written media such as books, magazines, either as an ebook or as a physical copy using print-on-demand (POD) technology. Self-publishing is the easiest method to get your work out to the public and world-wide audience.

Kindle Direct Publishing also know as KDP with Amazon is the largest and easiest platform to self-publish. You can have your book on the Amazon platform within 48 hours and earn up to 70% royalty for your book. Yes, they take a percentage but also offer a free ISBN number. What is an ISBN number? It stands for International Standard Book Number. This is needed to sell your book. It will be a unique identifer of your book in the marketplace. What I like about KDP is the way they offer support to authors. You can create an author page for free where you can list your book to a wider audience. Amazon owns about 70% of the book sale market so as a new author you definitely want to be on their platform.

Tip #2: Where else can you self-publish?

There are many platform options when choosing to self-publish your book. For this blog, I will name a few others to consider:

1. Press B&N which is Barnes & Nobles Self-Publishing platform- earn up to 70%

2. Ingram Spark- $49 also you can purchase ISBN through them for $85. They distribute your book to other bookstores and retailers (including Amazon)

3. Lulu- some don't like Amazon so Lulu is another platform to consider. For a 120-page paperback print, it will cost about $4 per book

Tip #3: Where to get help with book cover, editing, and proofreading

The cost to hire help for book cover design and proofreading depends on who you choose to do your work. It can cost on the low end $60 up to $300 per word count for proofreading. The fewer words to edit the cheaper the cost. That is why I recommend no more than a 120-150 page book to start for first-time authors.

  • Fiverr -get a book cover designed, find editors, proofreading, and more starting at $5 hr+

  • Upwork- get illustrators, book cover design, proofreading, and more starting at $20 hr+

  • Canva -you can design a book cover for free or for as little as $12 a month with Pro Features (get book cover dimensions from KDP)

  • Proofreading pal - can be expensive but they have a fast turnaround option of 24 hours to 3 days. They will give you a free quote for your manuscript.

Tip #4: What additional costs do you need?

Here are some additional costs to consider with self-publishing.

  • Copyright fee $45

  • ISBN is required but you can get a free ISBN if you go to KDP, however, you can get your own from Bowker for a cost of $125

  • Website (or at least a blog) to sell your book. You can get started with Shopify for as low as $24 a month

  • Business account (DBA will be needed) -check your local city and state for requirements but this can cost an extra $100

  • Marketing and promotion- even though you can use social media to market your book for free you can also consider having a budget for additional marketing and promotion.

Pro Tip:

  • Having your own website means you're serious about your author brand. However, you can get started without a website by selling on places like Payhip, Samcart, or Gumroad where you can sell your ebook and or physical product for a fee.

Tip # 5: Inventory

Even though one of the benefits of self-publishing is the print-on-demand option. I do recommend that you have an inventory of your printed book. You can use this to sell on hand, sign copies of your book, use it at speaking engagements, do local readings at coffee shops, and ship it to your customers directly.

When ordering from KDP you have the option of ordering inventory at a lower author cost so you sell it directly to consumers, and make more of a profit margin. A good inventory to start off with is anywhere from 20 to 100 copies on hand. The cost for a 120-page book, black and white printed book, will cost $3 per book not including shipping. It can cost more if you add color to your book.

Tip #6: Get Done-For-You Services

One way to work with me here at TahiraGift Consulting is our Done-For-You Premium Services. When you partner with me you get my 6 years of self-publishing experience to help you get your book done in 6 weeks. I take my clients through the 6 Step Blueprint. If you want to Write Your Book in 2021: 6 Step Blueprint Checklist get a free download here. To learn more about how I can support you book your one-on-one consultation today. It will cost you $1000 to $2500 for Done-For-You Premium Service. However, you don't have to worry about doing all the above-mentioned because I handle it all for you.

Final Word

Self-publishing can be done the easiest with KDP on Amazon and you can budget anywhere from $500 (doing it for yourself) up to $2500 for Done-for You services. It really depends on your budget and how fast you want to get it down. If you do it yourself you can go the cheaper route however, sometimes hiring an expert makes things run smoothly cause they have already mastered the process. If you're a self-starter take these writing tips and get started. You can do it! And if you would like assistance with the 6-Step Blueprint I can help.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post please feel free to ask any questions in the comments, like, and share. Join my email list so you never miss a post during this series. Stay tuned for week 5 to come out next week July 15th.

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