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Start Now I Dream Series Part 3

Welcome to The Dream Series and thanks for stopping by. The Dream Series was a God-inspired vision to interview other self-published authors. This series is about collaboration and supporting other women of Christ, who have courageously pushed forth their books. I celebrate each one of these women and hope that you're inspired by their stories. In this blog, I highlight six gems I received from this amazing interview with special guest Maija Ibanez. Watch the full video replay here.

Tip #1 You probably already have the book in your journal, you're already halfway there- keep going.

Tip #2 Write the book, get out what you've been holding back, repurpose what you already have.

Tip #3 Struggle is not how it has to go when writing a book.

Tip #4 You have to get over the fear to help others with your story.

Tip #5 Your story needs to be shared, stay true to your journey, your unique experiences and perspective are needed.

Tip #6 Have peace about the stories you choose to share.

If you're an aspiring author of faith this book is for You. Also makes a great gift for someone you love. Available now on Amazon for $14.99 click the link here to get your copy.

This blog contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate if you purchase from any link I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks again for your support. And happy reading!

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