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Introducing The Blessed Blueprint for 2023

Exciting News! I'm introducing The Blessed Blueprint (TBB) Method. It's how I was able to successfully create an additional income outside of my 9-to-5. Since October 2021 when I launched my signature book, 6-Step Blueprint up to this current month in 2022 I have received royalties from Amazon KDP every month. I'm so excited to teach you all going forward in 2023 how you can do the same. So if you're someone who believes God wants you to have financial freedom and believes 2023 is your year to create additional income outside of your 9-to-5 then keep reading.

Self-Publishing a signature book in 2021 was the best decision I made. First of all having a book that you know can really help others gave me the passion and motivation to keep promoting my book. I felt a purpose to get my book out into the world because I knew that it was making a difference. When you strive to make an impact the income flows.

I thank God for the gift of writing and I love being an author. It's also my pleasure to share what I know through teaching. So going forward in 2023 I will be supporting faith-based entrepreneurs with coaching and mentorship to accomplish The Blessed Blueprint inside of The Blessed Author VIP Community, reopens January 1st 2023.

So what is The Blessed Blueprint? It's four steps to create an additional income stream.

Here is a quick overview.

  • Step one is to write a signature book.

  • Step two is to create a bundle around your book (this is how you quickly can make your first four figures 1k and more).

  • Step three is to build your brand on social media.

  • Step four is to set up a business to make impact and income.

And I breakdown The Blessed Blueprint even more in a new workshop I created just for you.

I decided in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season you can watch it complimentary. So for free you can get all of my secrets. Simply signup here to gain instant access.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to bringing you more of The Blessed Blueprint in 2023. Also I will be reopening the Blessed Author VIP Community as of January 1st 2023 which is my 90-Day Mentorship that will teach you The Blessed Blueprint (TBB) method.

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