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How to Create a Prayer Journal to Sell on Amazon KDP in 7 Steps

In this blog I'm breaking down the exact steps I used to create Prayer Journals and Self-Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You can do it too. Here are 7 steps to create a Prayer Journal to sell on Amazon KDP.

Step 1 Research on Amazon

Look at other prayer journals on Amazon for inspiration. Use the look inside feature for bestsellers, and you can also buy a prayer journal to get an idea of what the quality looks like so you can compete in the marketplace. You can use the AMZ Suggestion Expander a great free tool to find keywords on Amazon.

Step 2 Download the KDP template for your Full Cover

I recommend 6 x 9 as this is the standard and most popular size. You want to have the correct dimensions before you start designing your prayer journal. This will be important for designing your cover. However, there are many different book sizes to choose from. KDP offers a cover calculator

Below is just an example

Step 3 Decide on your Target Market