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9 Steps to Self-Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) with Amazon-includes pictures and video

Welcome to a new Self-Publishing Success Series. This series will break down 15 Easy Steps to Self-Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This blog post covers the first 9 steps that you can accomplish. By the end of this series, you will know the exact steps I have used over the last 7 years to self-publish 10 plus books and how I help other women of faith to do the same. Watch the video inserted for a discussion of each step. Let's dive into part 3 of 5.

Self-Publishing Steps

Step 1- Set up a Free KDP account- you can do this today go here. It will look like the picture below.

Step 2- Get the Full Cover size for your Book- For example, if you are publishing a standard

6 x 9-inch book the full size you will need is 12.52 x 9.25 inches for a 120-page book. This will be important for designing your cover. However, there are many different book sizes to choose from. KDP offers a cover calculator

Below is just an example

Step 3- Research at least two Categories to publish your book with- example of a category is non-fiction self-help, inspirational and motivational. You will need two categories to self-publish on KDP. Below is just an example

Step 4: Research Keywords to use when self-publishing. I recommend you have at least nine from Amazon. Keywords or phrases searched on Amazon help your potential reader to find your book. You can use the AMZ Suggestion Expander. It is a great tool to find more keywords on Amazon.

Step 5: Include Keywords in the Title or/and the Subtitle section of your book. Use keywords with at least 1,000 search results when in the books section. You can use two keywords in your subtitle and the remaining seven keywords in the keyword section when self-publishing on KDP (see picture below). Make sure your title matches your book cover title, however, the subtitle is optional.

I recommend you use all the keyword slots available. Remember this helps push your book out into the Amazon platform.

Step 6: Include your Book Description and make sure to start with the benefits of your book and then list the features. Amazon will give you 4000 words to write a great book description. Remember this is what your potential customer will read when making the decision to purchase your book. Need help with your book description? I can help click here to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Step 7: Create your Book interior content - I recommend a 120-page manuscript or no more than 150 pages for your first book. Remember that the final manuscript needs to be a pdf when it comes to a paperback and/or if creating a hardcover on KDP. However, if creating an ebook for Kindle you can upload a Microsoft doc file. I recommend that you place your book in multiple versions; ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audio. This gives your readers options in how they want to consume your book. If you need help with creating your ebook consider using Kindle Create see pic below. If you need help with formatting KDP offers free templates here is the link

Step 8: Create your Book Cover - The cover needs to be a PDF when uploaded to KDP. You can have your cover designed. This is one part of the self-publishing step I recommend you outsource. However, if you have a good eye for design you can use Canva to design your book cover. Below is a picture of where on KDP to upload your book cover.

Step 9: Get everything organized and ready to upload- your keywords, title, book description, categories, PDF book interior, PDF book cover. If you have all this when you go to self-publish it will take 15 minutes to upload and self-publish to KDP. I recommend you start with self-publishing a paperback.

Next week I'll be back with 3 more easy steps. So stay tuned.

Watch my video for details of these 9 steps.

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