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5 Best Benefits of Self-Care

We all need a little motivation sometimes, especially when it comes to being consistent with our self-care. One thing that can inspire you to action is to imagine the results you will gain from practicing self-care consistently. In this blog article I'm breaking down five best benefits that come from maintaining your self-care.


Just imagine walking, talking, smiling a little bit brighter because you feel good inside and out. That's the feeling you get when you practice self-care. The better you become at practicing your self-care the more confident you become in your ability to take great care of yourself. 

2) Longevity

We all want to live a long and healthy life. We give ourselves the best shot at this with consistent self-care. Just imagine being around to celebrate with your great grandchildren. And God willing as much as possible to be in optimal health well into our 80's. 

Side note: I've been inspired by two articles I shared on my  Facebook page  about:

1) An 82 year old woman Body Builder and 2) An 84 year old Track star. 

It just proves taking good care of yourself means doing extraordinary things no matter how old you are. 

3) Energy

Self-care gives you more vibrancy. Just imagine waking up with energy no coffee needed. You can do a wellness walk and still keep up with the children. Living an active lifestyle such as bicycling, swimming, hiking, etc will be easy cause you'll be in shape. There is a natural energy that only comes from taking care of yourself. 

4) Enjoyment 

Just imagine being able to have the energy to travel, enjoy excursions, etc. Yes leisure, fun, and rewards for progress made are benefits of self-care. Have you ever heard the saying? "Work work and no play is a disaster and recipe for living an unfufilled life." Don't let that be your story.

5) Intentionality 

Just imagine living life with more ease because self-care helps you to slow down and practice more purposeful living. You become more mindful of what really matters to you. You set priorities and healthy boundaries in your life. I truly believe the better you get at self-care the better you get at managing other areas of your life because loving on you leads to you taking intentional steps to love your life.

So out of the 5 benefits which one most motivates you?

1) Confidence

2) Longevity

3) Energy

4) Enjoyment

5) Intentionality

If there are any other benefits you can think of I'd love to know what esle you use as a motivator. 

Thanks for reading!

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~ Tahira Neckles "The Well Champion"

Inspirational Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach

Live Well, Love Well, Be Well

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