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The First Step to Have Inside look into my 30-Day Video Challenge

So back in March I took courageous action and did my very first 30-Day LIVE Video Challenge on Facebook. At that time I only knew two things:

1) I wanted to step outside my comfort zone while

2) Authentically inspiring others to move.

I truly believe in leading by example and I want to be the first to say it's not easy to talk about Courage if you are not willing to LIVE it.

So the first step to taking action is to DECIDE to HAVE COURAGE! This sometimes means trying something new. So what is something new on the horizon for you this Spring season? While you journey your way through join me here every week as I remind you of the action steps needed to live a courageous life. And for your weekly dose of Inspiration make sure to subscribe here.

If you want to binge watch all 30 Day action steps check out my playlist here and even better Pre-Order your very own copy of Awaken the Courage Within You: A 30 Day Guide to the Life You Want

Take Care, Until Next time!

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