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What does Prosperity have to do with it?

So what comes up for you when you hear the word Prosperity? Honestly, I think we are meant to experience prosperity in many areas of life and not just in wealth or fame. I share my thoughts on 4 critical areas for prosperity below in this addition of, What does Prosperity have to do with it?

If you focus on being well in all 4 areas mentioned below- then this is what I would call prosperity.

1. Heart- Let's start with the heart because your emotions play a big part in how you perceive life. If you go around with hope and optimism you will begin prospering. Deal with heart issues so that you are not left with fear or even worse emotions that can cause depression. Emotions can affect the mind and body. So guard your heart and your mind.

2. Mind- Prosperity is absolutely a mindset. Before you will begin to experience the joys of prosperity you must first believe you can have it. What are you prospering in your mind? Be careful what you choose to focus on.

3. Body- The body can prosper both externally and internally, having a healthy body comes from a healthy mindset and taking care of it with good nutrition and exercise. How is your body prospering?

4. Soul- Do you have an intimate relationship with the creator? Being able to trust in an unconditional loving God will help you to prosper in your Soul. If you are secure in this area all other areas will become aligned.


Do you want more abundance, sense of joy and fulfillment as you journey through life? This week I encourage you to reflect on 1 of the 4 above areas and write down in a journal all you discover. Taking action and then journaling about your results is an awareness process that can create more abundance in your life. If you would like more in depth support with dealing with any of the 4 areas mentioned above then make sure to join a NEW free Facebook group Release, Heal, and Grow for women.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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