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What does Power have to do with it?

The world is obsessed with Power; having it, acquiring more of it, and being seen as the best. But what does Power have to do with it? Power can be a wonderful tool especially when we surrender it. Find out three ways to let go and actually gain more alignment with your authenticity and well-being.

How do you align to the Power within you? Try these three tips below to get more in alignment:

1. Surrender to your gift- let it out, do not let your gift lay dormant. When you surrender you allow it to come to the surface so you can give it away freely. Expressing your gift gives rise to your authenticity.

2. Allow God's grace to guide you- You don't have to know all the answers. When you surrender to a greater power then yourself you are strengthen beyond what you can see. There is strength and beauty in surrender especially when you allow God to lovingly embrace and guide you. You will then feel empowered with the confidence to know which direction to take.

3. Be open to more- Yes, when we surrender we tap into more. It is a dichotomy; when you release you receive; when you give you receive. Sometimes we have to give love away to allow love to come back to us. But the beautiful thing about choosing to be open there is power to recieve all you need.


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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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