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What does Positive Thinking have to do with it?

How is your thinking lately? Ever heard of the saying "stinky thinking"or have you ever noticed yourself in a spiral of negative thinking? Well it happens to the best of us and as we continue with the 5 P's of Abundance, this week I'm giving tips on how to practice Positive Thinking.

How do you stay in a positive mindset? I know it can be hard, life can bring some unexpected challenges however rest in knowing you can control what your mind focuses on. Try these three tips below if you become overly stressed or feeling tired.

Where the mind goes there you are.

1. Choose Gratitude- when you practice gratitude your mind makes a peaceful shift and it's easier to get back on track. Thank God for a mindset of positive thinking.

2. Laughter- instant healer and healthy dose of gratification you can never have enough laughter in your life, especially in the company of love ones. Try to laugh often.

3. Get rest- sometimes a good old fashion nap will help to reset your mind and get you back into a moment of positivity. The wonderful thing about waking up is that you get an automatic restart.


Do you want more abundance, sense of joy and fulfillment as you journey through life? This week I encourage you to reflect your thinking and write down in a journal all you discover. Taking action and then journaling about your results is an awareness process that can create more abundance in your life. NEW free Facebook group for women Release, Heal, and Grow join here.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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