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The #1 Reason Why Now is Important!

So I'm back with another Monday blog post. Week 36 is all about the NOW! Have you taken a moment to ask yourself, right now what are my life experiences trying to teach me? There is always a lesson to be learned and when we sit still and take the time we will come to know the answer. Look below for The #1 Reason Why Now is important.

#1 Be conscious of this moment- Now is the time to be present. In every moment you become aware there are blessings and favor. It is an opportunity to see the abundance that is available with every breathe we take and to acknowledge what we have in gratitude. Now is the time to realize that you are full of endless possibilities. When you take a moment to dwell in stillness you will tap into a vast love that resides within you. The guidance you often need will come from this love. How often throughout the day do you take the time to just be still? And for how long? It's so easy to go about our day busy running from one activity to the other, but now is the time to give yourself the gift of this present moment.


Do you want more abundance, sense of joy and fulfillment as you journey through life? This week I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your experiences and write down in a journal all you discover. Taking action and then journaling about your results is an awareness process that can create more abundance in your life. Now introducing Inspirational designed bold and affirmative T-Shirts for women, check out NEW Tahiragift Apparel.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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