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4 Powerful Ways to Use Creativity for Abundant Living

Are you creating? Whether you realize it or not yes you are, with your thoughts and actions. Today I want to encourage you to create from a place of "Active Creativity". What is Active Creativity? It is where you are dreaming big, using the power of your imagination, and being intentional about the actions you take. The Abundance you seek lives inside the creativity you desire to express. Did you know there is power in creativity? And not just for your life but for those who you will help when you step out into your creativity. Think about it? That favorite blouse, earrings, or purse, whatever it is you love to rock -it came from someone's courageous action to create. Now the world is waiting for what you have the ability to do. And no one can do it the way you can- so go for it, be creative, enjoy, and laugh all the way. It is in this joy Abundant Living resides.

Creativity that fulfills your inner most desire is a key to where Abundance lies.

Choose today to bring more Abundant experiences into your life, starting with the belief that you are a creative being and have everything you need within. Never doubt the powerful ability that using creativity can have in your life. Look below for your tip of the week and 4 Powerful Ways you can Use Creativity to Expand Abundance in your life.

Here is:

Tip of the Week:

This week is all about recognizing the power of your creativity. Creativity attracts Abundance because of the enjoyment and freedom creativity brings. You are a creative being, from the way you wear your hair, move your hands, speak, just being the beautiful creation you are. Week 12 we are focusing on creativity. So my tip for you is simply this: If you want to increase your abundance be willing to express your unique creativity.

Below are 4 Powerful questions to ask to expand your awareness of creativity thereby tapping into the Abundance that exist all around you. I want you to ask yourself any of these questions, it will surely lead you on your path for Abundant Living.

#1 What do you feel passionate about creating? or Am I dreaming big?