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3 Powerful and Courageous Steps You Can Take to Experience Abundant Living

Have you ever noticed the similarity in the words discouraged and encouraged? Do you see it? Then you know where I’m going, the word Courage is within both words. I believe this is significant and reminds us that no matter the circumstance courage resides within all of us. So today I want to encourage you because I know that sometimes with the day to day life or when the hardship of life comes we get discouraged, stuck in fear. But deep inside you is courage- it knows its name- it may have a heavy burden now but it is not destroyed, no to the contrary, courage is waiting until you tap into it. It knows it’s power and when you call it forth courage will boldly take the steps you need. Go to your next level! Allow the courage within you to rain free. I’m speaking to that courage within you- it comes forth when called- It’s been dormant for long enough- it wants to break free, it wants you to take its hand and live the life you are capable of. All you can do is listen- listen to divine wisdom and believe you can.

Courage is with you at all times- call it forth and it will arise.

Choose today to bring more Abundant experiences into your life, starting with the belief that you are a courageous being and have everything you need. Never doubt the powerful ability that taking courageous steps can have in your life. Look below for your tip of the week and 3 Powerful and Courageous Steps you can take to experience Abundant Living.


Here is:

Tip of the Week:

This week is all about recognizing the power of your courage and it all starts with putting action behind your faith. So, by using these tips outlined below you will feel courageous therefore tapping into the Abundance that already exist around you.

#1 Speak to the courage within you to come forth- it knows when it is being summoned.

#2 Take a courageous action, try something new or maybe something you’ve been wanting to try.

#3 Trust, don’t let fear stop you, and look for the signs that courage is with you

Bonus: 7 ways to recognize courage:

  1. Sometimes it’s a still small voice (instinct)

  2. A whisper (guidance)

  3. A repeated phrase

  4. A word or sentence in a book

  5. A scripture- a promise

  6. Declaration or something spoken over your life

  7. When you see it, hear it, when you acknowledge it, if something inside you awakens that is courage.


Put into practice at least 1 of the 3 powerful ways above Speak it, Take Action, or Trust. Take this week to reflect on your courage and write down in a journal all you discover this week. Taking action and then journaling about your results is an awareness process that can create more abundance in your life. Make sure to like, share, and comment. When sharing you can use any of the hashtags listed here #Courage #52WeeksofAbundance #TahiraGift #GivingInspirationforToday.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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