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5 Powerful Ways Completeness will Bring more Abundance into your Life

What do you think of or feel when you hear the word complete? I think of whole, lacking nothing. The truth is so many people struggle with this idea that they are not "good enough" or in some way in need of something or someone else to complete them. This is one of the biggest myths out there. Today I want to encourage you, the truth is you were and always will be complete. Think about it? you were formed and created and there was nothing lacking that brought you forth, but an amazing love, some might even say miracle if you think about the process of how the human life is formed. But whether you study the scientific or spiritual, the truth is we were all created, and the idea that you were created to be anything less than whole is false thinking. I challenge you to change your perspective to believe in your completeness. You can choose to tap into a power greater than yourself to seek more guidance and awareness in completeness but your belief matters.

Hold on to this truth- YOU are 100% whole and complete right now just as you are! Beautiful, Loved, and Lacking Nothing.

Choose today to bring more Abundant experiences into your life, starting with the belief that you are complete and have everything you need. Never doubt the powerful abilities that practicing completeness can have for your life. Look below to discover 5 powerful ways completeness can bring more Abundance into your life.

Here is:

Tip of the Week:

This week is all about recognizing the power of your completeness and it all starts with your belief. So, by using these tips outlined below you will feel complete therefore tapping into the Abundant universe that already exist around you. Here are 5 ways to practice:

1. Practice reciting Affirmations- Okay so if you have not put into consistent practice the power of Affirmations this tool of speaking what you want to the universe is beneficial. Affirmations give you hope and assurance in what you want to create.

2. Practice Focusing- focus on the areas of your life that you feel complete- look to your talents and strengths, make sure to acknowledge the things you are good at. Success builds upon success.

3. Practice Mirror Work- Look in the mirror and speak words of affirmation to yourself "I am complete and whole". The practice of looking at yourself is powerful and causes instant results. Try it in the morning or before going to bed, better yet first thing every morning and night for speedy results try for 7 days straight.

4. Practice Visualization- I cannot recommend enough the power of visualizing what you want. See yourself having all that you need, lacking nothing, take at least 10 minutes to feel the enjoyment of what you are visualizing. This practice will bring into your existence quickly what you feel and see.

5. Practice listening to Divine Wisdom- take the time to meditate, a quiet space to really ask for a higher awareness to the answers you seek. Everything you need is available and this loving Abundant universe wants to support you with the answer.


Put into practice at least 1 of the 5 powerful ways above. Take this week to reflect on your Completeness and write down in a journal all you discover this week. Taking action and then journaling about your results is an awareness process that can create more abundance in your life. Make sure to like, share, and comment. When sharing use the hashtags #Completeness #52WeeksofAbundance.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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