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8 Powerful Ways Compassion can Create more Abundance in your Life

Today I want to encourage you to practice self -compassion. Come on let's be honest with ourselves, often times we are less compassionate with ourselves. Okay, I'm talking about what I learned for myself. I use to pride myself on my ability to be a compassionate person and always desiring to be of service to others, but I realized with my own personal development and taking a deep look at the areas in my life that I wanted to improve, that I lacked self -compassion for myself.

You see when you begin to practice self-compassion you open yourself up to receive more loving experiences which in turn you tap into the unlimited Abundance available.

Even when serving others if you neglect to serve yourself you are in essence giving from an empty tank that the energy field will be expressed as struggle and exhaustion, instead of ease and joy. Choose today to bring more Abundant experiences into your life, starting with self-compassion.

Never doubt the powerful abilities that practicing compassion can have for yourself and others. Are you expressing love to yourself in the form of self compassion? Look below to discover 8 powerful ways that compassion can create Abundance in your life.

Here is:

This week is all about Self-Compassion for yourself. Here are 8 ways to practice:

1. Letting go of any past mistakes.

2. Forgiving yourself.

3. Releasing any thoughts of guilt, shame, loneliness.

4. Accepting your emotions.

5. Lovingly embracing the woman you are.

6. Talk to yourself with compassion and hold your heart in love.

7. Know that Abundance lovingly supports you.

8. Give yourself grace and care.

Tip of the Week:

Examine at least 1 of the 8 areas above and reflect on your current level of self-compassion. Write down in a journal all you discover this week. This is a powerful process that can create more abundance in your life. Make sure to like, share, and comment. When sharing use the hashtags #Compassion #52WeeksofAbundance.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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