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7 Powerful Areas of Choice to Build more Abundance in your Life.

Today I want to encourage you to become more aware of the choices you have, and make a conscious decision in the direction of your heart's desire.You have an abundance of choice that you choose to express on a daily basis. Often times we are so in the habit of just getting up and going through the motions that we don't see all the choices available to us. But the truth is that in every moment, with every thought, with every action or reaction, you are given a choice.

Do you know that every time you take a deep breath an abundance goes through you in the form of love, this loving force that created the air we breathe also gave us the ability to choose. Love awaits at every turn and I'm here to support you along the journey of 52 Weeks of Abundance in 2017. Never give up hope believing in your abundance and choose today to walk in it with the belief in yourself.

Never doubt the powerful abilities that your choices have. Are you expressing love to yourself in the form of choices? Look below to discover 7 powerful areas that choice can build Abundance in your life.

Here is:

Today I want to encourage you to find ways to become more fully aware of your choices whether its taking the time in the morning, afternoon, or night. It's common practice to reflect at the end or beginning of the year, however, when it comes to your life I recommend weekly reflection. A Free Reflection tool can be found here. Take the time to examine the below 7 areas of your life:

1. Career

2. Financial

3. Spiritual

4. Physical

5. Intellectual

6. Family

7. Social