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3 Powerful Ways to Expand your Capabilities to Increase Abundance in your Life.

Today I want to encourage you to nourish your capabilities. When you believe in your capabilities you are tapping into Abundance. Never doubt how capable you are. Abundance is attracted to you becoming more and more of who you were meant to be. So use your knowledge of what you are good at as a guide toward Abundant Living. The goal this week is to expand what you have already been given. One way to do that is to Dream BIG. Dreaming Big keeps you hopeful and allows your capabilities to be realized. Look below to discover 3 powerful ways to expand your capabilities to increase Abundance in your life.

Here is:

Ask yourself questions that begin with any of these 3: WHAT, HOW, and WHY? Below are some examples of questions you can use to expand your capabilities. However, the point is to focus on the Why, What, and How to discover more.

1. What skills and abilities do I have? What comes naturally to me, or do I pick up easily.

2. How can I use my skills and abilities to execute my dreams?

3. Why do I have these values, dreams, or passions?

Tip of the Week:

Ask yourself 3 What, How, and Why questions? Write down what you learn in a journal this week. If you would like, please share what you have discovered about your capabilities using this method.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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