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22 Powerful Ways Beauty Will Show You The Way to Abundant Living

Today I want to remind you of the powerful beauty that resides inside of you. Never doubt this beauty you have been given. It is a beauty that goes beyond what the physical eye can see. Beauty has the strength to get you through adversity. This beauty you have been given is a powerful strength that when you recognize it, when you come across its path, it will give you so much satisfaction you can't help but smile and laugh. Beauty is all around and when you see it you also see Abundance. Can you see beauty? Look below and ask yourself am I seeing the beauty?

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Here is:

1. See beauty in brokenness

2. See beauty in yourself

3.See beauty in others

4. See beauty in nature

5. See beauty in forgiveness

6. See beauty in the unknown

7. See beauty in the things that are hidden

8. See beauty in your hopes and dreams

9. See beauty in all children

10. See beauty in mistakes and lessons learned

11. See beauty in life

12. See beauty in culture other than your own