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Abundant Living in 2017

What does Abundance mean to you?

Webster defines,

ABUNDANCE- noun-as a very large quantity of something -the quantity or amount of something.

Someone might say,

ABUNDANCE is having more than enough; a lot of something; plentiful; more than you could ever want.

I declare,

In my blog for week 1 of the New Year we are talking about Abundance. I have also created an Inspired message behind the word Abundance.

God said,

So that makes one thing certain you have more than enough forgiveness.

Abundant Living

ABUNDANT- adjective- means having large quantities; plenty.

I declare

Dare I say,

We will be taking the journey in 2017 with 52 weeks of Abundance. Get my new book Giving Inspiration for Today: 52 Weeks of Abundance a great Gift for the NEW YEAR. Wishing you Abundant Living in 2017.

What I know for sure,

One thing you have plenty of in life is CHOICE. In week 8 of the New Year I will focus on this word and dive into the Power of Choice. For instant updates make sure to subscribe to this blog. Also if you have been encouraged in any way please share and invite a friend to follow

Thanks for reading! Giving Inspiration for Today, until next time, Take Care.

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