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How Do You Write A Book If You're Not A Writer l Writing Tips For Beginners

I've heard this phrase many times during my career as a writer. Tahira, it's easy for you but I'm not a writer. Today I'm answering the question I get asked often, "I'm not a writer how can I write a book?" I'm also throwing in 6 writing tips that will help you finally write your book in 2021. So let's dive right into week 2 of this 6-week blog series.

Here are some signs that you can write a book that most people miss.

If you love to read books.

Guess what, you can write a book.

If you're the one everyone comes to for advice.

You can write a book.

If you have ever accomplished anything whether at work, at school, a personal hobby, or heck giving birth (for all the incredible moms out there).

You certainly can write a book.

Often times it not that you're not a writer that is holding you back. It's that you lack the confidence to start. However, all of the people mentioned above, if you fit into any of those categories I can say with all certainty, someone out there can benefit from your book. The exact way you say it, your unique perspective, and your personal life experience is the reason someone needs to read your book. Someone is waiting on your book! Now hopefully you feel more encouraged to stop doubting yourself and go for it. What's next is knowing where to start. So let's dive into 6 writing tips to help support your beginner journey.

Take the pressure off, it is possible for you to accomplish your dream even if you don't feel like you're the most confident skilled writer.

Tip #1: Have a Clear Step-by-Step Action Plan

One mistake I see with first-time authors who don't know where to start is they don't have a plan of action. It's important to not just be out here wigging it but to have a step-by-step process that will guide you therefore you know what to do. I have a 6 Step Blueprint that you can use. These are the exact steps I take my one-on-one clients through. If you want a Write Your Book in 2021: 6 Step Blueprint Checklist get a free download here. This will help you with the writing process and keep you on track.

Tip #2: Grab at Least 3 Books You Want to Model

Pick three books that you would like to model your book after. I want you to look at how they break up their paragraphs, analyze the structure, and the format. It's okay to model, you're not copying, your book will be your own words but you're using their outlin