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What Are You Yearning For? 3 Ways to Get what you want.

You are everything that you seek. Begin to accept the reality that nothing you desire is outside of your reach.

Currently, I’m working on a Vision Wall and having fun writing out big goals to accomplish in the New Year. I am so grateful for those who have taken the 52 Weeks of Abundance journey with me in 2017. But this week's featured blog post will give you a taste of what's to come in 2018. I will no longer be doing weekly blogs every Monday in 2018, instead I will be doing more in depth articles and training once a month. My focus for 2018 is Release, Heal, and Grow and how can we do that on a more holistic level creating more freedom in our lives. For more about my big vision for 2018 stay tuned for next's week featured article which will also end the week 52 of the year.

See below for 3 ways to get what you want:

1) Get Excited- I'm talking about putting out good energy, optimism always comes back to you. Trust me! Excitement is a vibration. If you can get excited about whatever it is you desire, whatever you want to create, it will propel itself toward you like a lightening ball. Excitement will also keep fear away. Many of us dwell in doubt or worry but the truth is it takes courage to live with excitement. When everyone else is telling you to "not dream too Big" out of fear of failure or worse fear of Success (or like in my case I realized I had a fear of shining). But the truth is God wants you to have an excitement for life because you are God's best creation, his living breathing miracle, and he is very excited about you.

2) Feel it to your Core- I'm telling you the truth. If you can feel it in every fiber of your body then you are aligned. It means that the very next stage is physical manifestation. It means that your mind, body, and soul are one. Emotions are so powerful and many people fail to realize their lack of belief is because it has not reached the subconscious mind. Feeling things deeply allows you to accelerate the yearning to create what you want. You can begin to mediate in it, hold fast to what you want. When you get a vivid picture in your mind this also helps you to feel it and trust it to show up.

3) Be Ready- I don't know how many times God has brought me an answered prayer. It doesn't have to take long, not even weeks, it can be a day or even an hour but you must be ready to receive it. Being in expectation will help you be able to recognize when the right opportunity to manifest your desire comes. So go forward in expectation and allow God to direct your path.

Growth assignment:

This is a great time to reflect on your goals and how you did this year. To me honestly the year goes by so fast. But life seems to do that especially when you are busy having fun. I have been able to manifest more then I desired this year which means I set comfortable goals. However next year I’m setting goals that I myself do not feel I am able to do on my own. I am going to need a team of support. To Recap: Get Excited, Feel it to the Core, and Be Ready.

This week list at least 1 of the 3 ways above and journal all you discover.

I am Tahira, Inspirational Author and Chief Ambassador of the Release, Heal, and Grow 90 Day Holistic Program for women. For more tools, guidance, or support with inspiration, freedom, and emotional well-being join the Free Facebook group Release, Heal, and Grow for women.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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