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What is Wealth? ...3 Ways to have Wealth (not talking material possession)

I’m just in gratitude as I sit down to write the last few blogs of what will end the 2017 journey this year. Wealth is Health and for me health is definitely something I pay close attention to. I am strongly connected to my body and usually can tell what is going on inside (my emotions) when my body starts feeling sick. It is a telltale-sign that I need to WAKE UP and pay attention when I am not well. But I love how my body gives me clues before the sickness comes typically there is some level of overwhelm or stress that has hit my mind. What does this all have to do with wealth? Well, for me wealth is all the many opportunities I have in life to get it right; to listen, to grow, to gain awareness for my greater good and with this comes a great capacity for wealth. There is an abundant amount of choices as we go about our day so in that we are wealthy. What are we choosing to do with our choices determines our level of health in Mind, Body, and Spirit?

Here are 3 Ways to have Wealth right now (I’m not talking material possession):

1. Gratitude- just your ability to breath is enough to be thankful for and this understanding that you can tap into gratitude at anytime throughout the day will create a wealth of happiness in your life.

2. Healthy Eating- when you take care of your body providing nutrients you feel a wealth of self-care. Question: what food items make you feel cared for? Cranberry, spinach, and broccoli does my body good. It’s good to know what foods make you feel wealthy.

3. Time with God- even in the still small moments God is the architect. Therefore if you have time with God he will give you the desires of your heart with all the wealth of ideas your mind is capable of achieving.

How do you define Wealth?

Comment below I’d love to know.


So I challenge you today what is one way you can experience Wealth? This week begin to practice at least 1 of the 3 ways listed above. Write down in a journal all you discover. Taking action and then journaling about your results is an awareness process that can create more well-being in your life. I am Tahira, Inspirational Author and Chief Ambassador of the Release, Heal, and Grow 90 Day Holistic Program for women. For more tools, guidance, or support with inspiration, freedom, and emotional well-being join the Free Facebook group Release, Heal, and Grow for women.

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Giving Inspiration for today, until next time, Take Care.

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