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31 Kick-Start Ideas to Increase Abundance Now in 2017!

I will expand on some of the below topics throughout the year. So make sure to Subscribe to my blog for weekly inspiration. Are there any below you are interested in reading first? Share your favorite topics and you can connect with me on as well.

1. Get your finances in order- create a Zero- Based Budget (Dave Ramsey's Plan).

2. Join a book club.

3. Make a list of fun things you enjoy and do at least 1 a month.

4. Create a Vision board.

6. Make the Choice to Grow this year- (Personal Development).

7. Release Fear (Free 90 Day Plan).

8. Start a side business (follow your dream).

9. Set Priorities!

10. Set SMART GOALS for every area of your life (Free Download).

11. Plan a vacation (yes take time off work).

12. Maintain consistent Self -Care.

13. Join a church community.

14. Trust God (or grow in your relationship).

15. Pick one thing you have always wanted to do and do it this year (take a step today).

16. Forgive!

17. Give your loved ones a hug and tell them how much you love them.

18. Smile!

19. Write a book (Check out my NEW GIFT BOOK).

20. Use Affirmations (Positive Self Talk tools).

21. Read the Bible.

23. Take bold and bountiful steps toward your vision.

25. Read a new book this year (See my Recommended Reading List).

26. Give away your talents generously.

27. Sponsor a family or give to a charity (giving increases Abundance).

28. Listen to uplifting music.

29. Exercise and take care of the body.

30. Clear clutter (organize your home) (even better tend to something in your house that you have put off).

31. Connect with others (encouraging friendships).

Giving Inspiration for Today, until next time, Take Care.

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